Let me introduce to you, the Grouse Grind, the place where locals choose!




It is the name of a mountaineering trail on Grouse Mountain.

It is super hard, about 3 km, the difference in elevation of the trail is 853 m!!

I think that it is impossible to imagine, but rather than walking on the mountain path, I feel like that I’m going up a steep stairway, the total number of stairs is 2830 steps!


The average time required is about one and a half hours.

It is frowned upon to turn back, as it may impede those trying to competitively climb up so, once you go in, you should climb your way to the very top.


The scenery and view from the top is the best, Vancouver city spreads under your eyes!


By the way, about 100,000 people climb this trail every year.

Some people are competing for the shortest time to climb, the best record is 25 minutes!


Please try challenging it!


地元では知らぬ人のいない Grouse Grind!

バンクーバー市内の北、Grouse Mountain(グラウス マウンテン)にある山登りトレイルの名前です。