Do you know the national sport in Canada? Skiing? Ice skating? Lacrosse (It is the national sport of summer)?

No, the answer is ice hockey!

あなたはカナダの国技をご存知でしょうか? スキー? スケート? ラクロス (これは夏の国技です)?


バンクーバーのアイスホッケー! Go Canucks Go!

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The ice hockey season, from autumn to spring, Canadians goes crazy about it!

Here, in Vancouver, we have one of NHL (National Hockey League) team: Vancouver Canucks.

The team name is the Canucks!


ここバンクーバーにも、NHL (National Hockey League)加盟のチームがあります。その名もバンクーバー・カナックス! カナックというのは、カナダ人という意味の俗語です。

バンクーバーのアイスホッケー! Go Canucks Go!

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Their home arena is Rogers Arena which is located just in front of Chinatown-Stadium Station. From the train window, you might have seen people lining up to enter the arena.

Vancouver Canucks belongs to NHL, and it is very popular among people in Canada.


バンクーバー・カナックスはバンクーバーを本拠地とする NHLのチームで、カナダでは知らない人がいない程の人気です。

This team has a famous and popular mascot too. This character is called Fin. He is a motif of a killer whale. It will appear in various places during the match. Try to talk to him and take pictures with him!


バンクーバーのアイスホッケー! Go Canucks Go!

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You can purchase your tickets at Rogers Arena or through the website.

As I mentioned earlier, Canucks tickets are very popular so they can be sold out quickly.

I recommend you purchase tickets as soon as possible!