Discover English, discover KAPLAN.


When it comes to technology and innovation,  you should think about KAPLAN.

Interactive whiteboards are exciting, easy to use and one of the most powerful tools for learning.

All KAPLAN instructors learn to use them before they start teaching.

Learning at KAPLAN definitely feels like you are learning in the future.

But KAPLAN only offer the newest learning technology,

it’s also very comfortable place to study. KAPLAN teachers and staff are friendly,

and they love their students.

The K+ Program You may have not heard of the K+ programs,

but these programs are as interesting as the school itself! K+ programs allow student to study and review any of the lessons taken

at the school from home!

Students also receive instant feedback from their instructors for further improvement.

Go online to challenge yourself from home! If you feel like challenging yourself,

you can search one of the many English quizzes available for any level of English to improve on your own. Trial Lessons

Experience the KAPLAN adventure now and take a trial class. If you enroll within three days of your trial class,

you can get up to 15% !!