Are you enjoying Vancouver in the summer?








It’s comfortable weather, we feel like going out for a walk. However, there are traffic rules for pedestrians, so today I am going to tell everyone.

Do not cross the sidewalk when the sign of the red comes out. But before the switch to this red,

when the red light flashes,  please hurry and cross over if you are crossing the sidewalk.







If the traffic signal started to blinking, before you across a crosswalk.

Do not to start to walk. This is prohibited by law.


If there is a police officer, You must pay fine $109.

There were nearly 400 violations of traffic in Vancouver city last year (2017), and 90 or more violations this year already.

“Please do not start to crossing when the hand begins to flash”.

Otherwise you have to pay fine!







皆さん、夏のバンクーバー を楽しんでいますか?

過ごしやすい天気なので、ついつい散歩にも出たくなる気分です。しかし、歩行者にも交通ルールがあるので、今日は それを皆さんにお伝えします。