What is Easter?


It is Easter on April 21st! But it is not so familiar with Japanese people. I suppose that what you may know about Easter is only Easter Eggs and theEaster Bunny through some packages of seasonal products. (At least those were all for me lol) Today, I would like to introduce Easter, which is the most important day for Christians!



Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and this is the most important day for Christians. But the date is not fixed and changes every year because it should be held on Sunday. In some countries, having lots of Christian set the next Monday as a holiday. People celebrate Easter by attending special worships and events held in many churches and have special dinner with their families.



Well, what is the vague image of Easter eggs and Easter Bunny in our (Japanese) mind?

Among Christians, an egg, which has a life inside, is a symbol of revival. Therefore eggs are used as decorations of the celebration.And there are some who participate in what they call an Egg Hunt and Egg Roll. Besides rabbits also is a symbol of life and regarded as a fortune animal in Europe. It is said that rabbits hide or bring Easter eggs in some countries.



For Japanese, who are not so familiar with Christian, Easter is one of the different cultural events. It will be a good opportunity to experience different culturesof people living in Canada now!