Everyone, We have only 2 weeks left for Halloween. Have you decided on this year’s costume?

A person who is not decided! We will introduce some recommended shops, so please check the list!







  1. Spirit Halloween

It is a costume store that develops throughout North America. You may find affordable and good ones!

Since there are shops in various places in Vancouver please find the nearest shop on Google Map!


  1. Vancouver Costume Merchant of Dream

It is a costume store downtown. It’s dealing with over 5,000 costumes and accessories. Faster more, there are lots of sexy costumes!

Address: 626 Seymour Street, Vancouver


  1. Cherry Bomb

Although it is a shop that sells T-shirts etc. except for the Halloween season, since this time also deals with Halloween costumes, Plaese check it!

Address: 831 Granville Street



  1. Boo La La

This is a shop located in North Vancouver. As well as buying costumes, you can also rent it, you don’t need to buy it!

Address: 152 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver




If you do not want to spend money, I highly recommend that you go to Dallarrama, you will find inexpensive stuff.


1.Spirit Halloween





2.Vancouver Costume Merchant of Dream



626 Seymour Street, Vancouver


3.Cherry Bomb


Address:831 Granville Street



4.Boo La La


Address: 152 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver