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2 早い!翌日にはコンタクトレンズが届きます

3 日本人スタッフが梱包してくれて安心

How do you purchase contact lenses? There is a simple way to purchase them! Why don’t you buy contact lens online? There is a contact lens company in Burnaby that has the most affordable contact lenses in Canada. We visited (add company name) and got to see their inventory room and how many contact lens orders are packed by staff members. Here is the storage room, it’s huge! Here at their office, it is very international! They have staff from Japan, Brazil and also Canada. They also have coloured contact lens as well! A Perfect Lens employee recommended me a pair of coloured contacts and contact lens are very natural. You can put it on for special occasions or even at the office;) Thank you for reading till the end! If you don’t know how to purchase contact lens please visit us! We will help you purchase a pair!

Why we chose Perfect Lens?

• Affordable prices

• Save time by buying online, no prescription is needed

• Punctuality: fast, reliable shipping (sent out the next day)

• Orders are carefully hand packed in Vancouver