You can’t miss these VANCOUVER summer date ideas

Do you want to treat your special someone with some adventure, high-end dining or cheap and cheerful romance? Vancouver offers many unique places to date.


  1. Aquarium

Within Stanley Park lies Vancouver’s Aquarium. Once a place for many exotic animals, today it is more used for animal rehabilitation. You can still see belugas, a dolphin show, alligators, and other sea creatures. It is also home to some exotic birds and reptiles! They are currently featuring a discover ray touch pool where you can actually touch different manta rays.

The Vancouver Aquarium also hosts an adults only Aquarium night! Enjoy the beauty of the aquarium without the screaming children!


  1. Picnic at beach

With Vancouver being so close to the ocean, it’s natural that it would be home to many beaches. Grab some take out or buy some cheese, fruits and bread, grab your favourite soft drink, and head to the beach. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze and watch the sunset against the backdrop of the magnificent mountains.

  1. Walk the sea wall

Long walks on the beach are lovely but they fill your shoes with sand. Walking along the sea wall in Stanley Park allows you to get close enough to the water without all that sand. Walking along you may encounter seals, cranes and other wildlife!


  1. Blind dining

Don’t be blinded by that guy’s good looks or that girl’s beautiful smile. Have dinner at Vancouver’s only blind dining experience. After choosing from the menu outside, you are led to your table in a pitch black environment where your sense of sight is taken away. Drinking, dining, even going to bathroom (once in the washroom there are lights) is all done in the dark. Get to know your date intimately with conversation.

All waiters are blind and assist in getting you to and from your table.


  1. Outdoor movie

Enjoy being outdoors? Love movies? Why not combine the two for an exceptionally fun movie watching experience? Once held at Canada Place, the event has moved to Stanley Park since last year. Look forward to more details for this year’s outdoor movie experience.


  1. Dinner with a night view

Vancouver has two unique restaurants with stunning views of the city. One is located in one of Vancouver’s most iconic landmarks, the Harbour Centre on Pender and Seymour St. The other is atop the Empire Landmark Hotel. Both feature a revolving restaurant that allows you to have 360 degree views of the city.


  1. Brewery tour

Craft breweries are all the craze right now with micro-breweries popping up all over the city. Take a tour of all the locally owned and created breweries and have a taste of their unique flavours of beers.


  1. Vancouver Art Gallery Tuesday night

The Art Gallery closes early most nights with the exception of Tuesdays. Tuesdays they are open until 9pm and on top of that, admission is by donation. Pay what you can and enter the gallery to enjoy the same features on any other day. It does get crowded so come early when there are amazing exhibitions in town.