ILSC Language Schools have been offering language training programs to International students, from more than 100 countries, since 1991 and is the largest and longest running of ILSC Education Group’s 5 divisions.

ILSC’s English Communication Program includes a wide variety of courses, available with flexible schedules and lengths, and at various language levels according to your personal study needs, interests and goals. English Communication courses focus on a variety of topics and help you improve your speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar. Most ILSC students choose the general English Communication Program and customize their course schedules to their specific interests. Courses are available at all 10 language levels to help you continue to improve your English communication abilities.

What you learn in the English Communication Program is up to you!  Choose from the wide variety of courses and watch your skills progress over time.  Every session (4 weeks) you’ll get to choose new courses and can vary your learning depending on your length of study.



  • Communication
  • Academic and Test Preparation
  • University Pathway
  • Business Language
  • Creative and Cultural Language
  • Volunteer and Study
  • Work and Study
  • Junior


If you are interested or need more information, do not hesitate to contact me at in English or Korean!